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Helping Litigation Teams Persuade With Trial Presentation Technology and Courtroom Graphics

Trial Presentation

Twenty-three years of trial presentation experience in Denver combined with a passion for excellence means you will have the best trial presentation from Voir Dire to verdict…

Courtroom Graphics

We develop courtroom graphics for opening statements, expert witnesses and closing arguments that are  crafted with creativity,  clarity and efficiency. Let’s bring your case to life…

Expert Trial Presentation

Our trial presentation assistance goes far beyond punching in numbers or bringing up the next slide. Clients and courts are continually impressed with the deep understanding of courtroom procedure woven with our ability to anticipate your next move… saving time and “WOW”ing the jury and the court.

Creative Courtroom Graphics

Courtroom graphics are not the same as consumer graphics. We offer creative visual solutions that adhere to the rules of civil procedure and conform with the unique challenges of your case.

Sound Litigation Technology Strategy

A high-level of experience means we use less time to complete tasks. Your time is your most valuable asset and our experience means we get straight to the point and get the work done. We have an expert understanding of courtroom decorum and procedures. We understand how juries and judges respond to technology so we can seamlessly execute on your trial strategy.

Reliable Presentation Equipment

We have installed equipment hundreds of times in challenging courtroom environments. Leave it to the pros and your presentation equipment will be carefully selected and expertly installed with special attention to potential failure points.


 Knowledge and skill applied with dedication and focus


Deliver an experience beyond what you presume


Keen interest in applying a unique set of skills to help you win


 A dedication to efficiency and providing the highest value


 Creative solutions to tough problems

What Makes Truax Trial Technologies Different?

Effective in-court assistance goes beyond someone running your computer. My experience in more than three hundred jury trials from voir dire to verdict and countless more matters where I have assisted litigation teams means you will have a well-rounded technology consultant as part of your team. My value in the courtroom goes far beyond simple exhibit display or video playback. I listen to the evidence and follow the testimony with a steel focus and the goal of anticipating your next move.

How do I get started?

With an experienced trial presentation and courtroom graphics consultant on your team, using technology in the courtroom is much easier than you might think. A consultation meeting is best but here are a few of the key milestones to be aware of when preparing for trial:

1. Prepare your electronic trial exhibits.

In the contemporary litigation world, trial exhibits are typically prepared in a way that is closely compatible with trial presentation software. Standard PDFs are common and may just need some renaming.

2. Organize video deposition (if any).

Video taped depositions should be synced and checked for accuracy. Many court reporting forms with provide synced files and MP4 or MPEG files which easily import into trial presentation software. I will fix anything that is askew.

3. Identify graphics needs.

Whether you need trial boards or PowerPoint presentations for opening statement or closing arguments, we’ve got you covered. My skills with PowerPoint are expert level and I am also proficient with the latest commercial grade, Adobe suite graphic design software. I also work with the some of best consultants in the country to help with overflow.

4. Identify unique files/needs.

Today, cases frequently have some unique file types that may need to be accounted for. Whether it’s a large number of photos for a construction defect case, DICOM images for a med-mal matter or surveillance footage, I can help make sure everything is organized, works and runs smoothly.

5. Schedule technology orientation.

My goal is to make using technology in the courtroom something you do not have to worry about. I strive to incorporate courtroom technology into your working style so you do not have to make adjustments to how you practice and try your case. I quick technology orientation with your trial exhibits will put us on the same page with how to communicate in the courtroom and you will be ready to go.

About Me

I have collaborated with trial teams in the courtroom on over 300 cases from voir dire to verdict. In many more matters, I have helped create graphics or dealt with unique evidentiary issues. My skill set is well-rounded and I consider myself an expert with trial presentation software programs, such as Trial Director, OnCue and Limine along with PowerPoint, Keynote and video editing programs. I am proficient in both the Windows and Mac OS. I can also assist with video and audio enhancements.

My knowledge goes beyond software skills. With thousands of hours in the courtroom, I have a clear understanding of courtroom procedures and rules of evidence as they apply to courtroom graphics and trial presentation. Judges are regularly impressed with my sense of timing and understanding of courtroom rules and procedures.

I grew up in Denver, Colorado and in my free time, I am an ultra-marathon runner and avid public speaker. I have completed numerous solo, non-stop remote mountain trail races ranging in distance from 30 to 100 miles. I bring the lessons and skills learned from completing these races to the courtroom by being hyper-focused with a high-level of endurance.

I also hold an Advanced Communicator Silver designation with the public speaking organization Toastmasters International. I have competed in and won speech contests and put this skill to work in the legal community by speaking at numerous CLE seminars and Bar Association meetings. I am a former faculty for the National Court Reporter’s Trial Presentation Certificate Committee where I taught aspiring trial presentation professionals the basics of our industry. The program still runs as an online course.


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